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Here's a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Greek mythology
The questions range from the ridiculously easy to a bit tough!

Answers Below

1) What was the name of the "blood" coursing through the veins of the gods, which made them immortal?

a) mercury  b) ichor  c) nectar  d) vitamin C

2) Helen of Troy was said to have a "Face that launched ____"

a) a 1000 ships  b) a 1000 zits  c) a 1000 ad campaigns  d) a 1000 lawsuits

3) The Titan Prometheus got in serious trouble with Zeus for giving a gift to humans. This priceless gift was:

a) a brain  b) fire  c) matches  d) electricity

4) When he was a mere babe, the god Apollo hunted down and killed a ferocious monster. This creature was called:

a) Python  b) Typhon  c) Ty Cobb  d) Barney

5) Jason and the Argonauts left Greece and went on a Quest for:

a) beer  b) a decent meal  c) the Golden Fleece  d) an outlet mall

6) The famous ship that the Argonauts sailed on was called the:

a) Argo  b) Argus  c) Argyle  d) Titanic

7) Sisyphus went brain-dead and insulted Zeus. As punishment he had to:

a) go on a date with Medusa  b) roll a rock up a hill  c) rock and roll up a hill  d) write "I won't tick off the Big Guy" 1000 times

8) Another famous fool dumb enough to make Zeus mad was Tantalus. From his name we get the word:

a) Tantalize  b) Tantrum  c) Toto  d) Tent

9) The hero Bellerophon, slayer of the monster called Chimera, was killed by Zeus because: 

a) nobody could pronounce his name  b) he was a horse thief  c) he tried to enter Olympus  d) he tried to leave Olympus

10) The hero Heracles (Hercules) performed:

a) 12 Labors  b)  12 Deliveries  c) 12 Operas  d) 12 times a day


Ok, ok, so I never said that the quiz was rocket science. I bet you got 10 out of 10 correct! Let's go see how you did!

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