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Here's a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Greek mythology
The questions range from the ridiculously easy to a bit tough!

Answers Below

1) Zeus was the King of the Olympian gods. What was his bird?

a) the cuckoo  b) the eagle  c) the vulture  d) the dodo

2) Poseidon was the ruler of the sea. His wife was:

a) Aphrodite  b) Amphitrite  c) Armpitrite  d) Ariel

3) Hades, god of the Underworld, had a favorite dog. Sometimes Hades wished he had three hands, so that he could scratch all his dog's heads at once. The canine's name was:

a) Fido  b) Cerberus  c) Max  d) Cujo

4) Apollo, god of light, music and much more, once fell in love with a beautiful maiden. She refused him and fled, turning into a laurel tree. This nymph's name was:

a) Rosemary  b) Daphne  c) Myrtle  d) Olivia 

5) Apollo fell in love with the aforementioned maiden because he insulted Eros, the mischievous god of love. Eros got even by piercing Apollo's heart with an arrow made of:

a) lead  b) gold  c) silver  d) silly putty

6) To cause her to dislike the god, Eros then pierced Apollo's object of desire (see question #4) with an arrow made of:

a) lead  b) gold  c) silver  d) silly putty

7) Athena, goddess of wisdom, won a contest against Poseidon. As the winner, she had a city named after her, becoming its patron goddess. What is the name of that city?

a) Troy  b) Athens  c) Corinth  d) Smart Ville

8) Many Greek heroes had a famous Centaur (half-man and half-horse) for a tutor and teacher. The Centaur's name was:

a) Chiron  b) Charon  c) Charin d) Karen

9) The first woman, Pandora, out of curiosity opened a jar/box, unleashing horrible evils upon humanity. However, there was one little thing left in the box, which inspired people to persevere. This precious object was:

a) wine  b) hope  c) love  d) American Express Gold Card

10) Helios (Sun) and Eos (Dawn) were siblings of the goddess of the moon. She was named:

a) Selinus  b) Selene  c) Celine  d) Dion


Ok, ok, so I never said that the quiz was rocket science. I bet you got 10 out of 10 correct! Let's go see how you did!

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