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Does one (or more) of your students deserve to win the Myth Man's Star of the Week Award?

Let me know!

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Do you or a friend deserve to win the Star of the Week Award?

Let me know! You can even nominate your fave teacher if you want!

This is the most wonderful site ever. My seventh-graders are enjoying projects instead of the big dread--boring encyclopedias written on a level not many can understand. Thanks for the extra effort to make a difficult subject more fun and easy.

AB in Bluff City TN.

Dear Myth Man,

My (9th-grade) son is embarking on a Greek "Allusions" scrapbook for an honors class. I am a 1st grade reading teacher but we don't delve too much in Greek Mythology so I just wasn't aware what was "out there."

I'm writing to thank you for a fabulous web-site. It's got such a great balance of terrific graphics, in-depth information, and concise organization.

Kudos for your work! Thanks for taking the time to provide such a fantastic resource for students as well as teachers.

Mrs. A

Dear Mythman

I am the mum of a year 8 daughter and would like to thank you for not only helping her with her homework but also for letting me enjoy all the myths that I thought I had forgotten. Please keep up the great work!

Many Thanks
Chris Lee

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Dear Myth Man!

I don't know who you are, but I want to thank you for your excellent web site! I teach a Greek Mythology unit to my 7th grade students, and they are currently researching the Olympian gods. Your site will be a valuable resource. Thanks for taking the time to put it on the web!

Lori Lupolt

Hey Myth Man!

I'm 15 years old and have loved Greek myths since 3rd grade. I think your page is the neatest thing since boys. Me and my computer are in the western United States. Keep on writing!


Dear Myth Man

Thank you for being on the web. I never thought when my daughter had to do a project on Roman and Greek mythological monsters I would had found such a wonderful site as yours. Thank you again.


I'm a teacher looking for sites that are safe for me to send my students for information. This is spectacular! Thanks a million!

Sandy G,

Thanks Bunches,

I may be 47 years old but I still do homework.

Your article gave me some ideas for a series of paintings I'm doing on the word "Iris".
I've got several playing with the flower and wanted to work on the goddess.

Thanks again,
Joanna E.

What a wonderful website you have made to help our children with their homework, I am one mother who appreciates it.


My daughter has been studying mythology in school this semester. In helping her find info and research material we stumbled onto your site.

I was impressed with the amount of time you have spent in putting together this page. You should be proud of yourself and the info you are helping the kids to find.

Thank You for the effort you have given.

Raine Quinley

Dear Mythman: 
Thank you so much! I am a student in Texas and my Lit/Eng teacher assigned us to make trading cards with specific Greek gods/ goddesses/ creatures/characters that she assigned to us.

 I got assigned Arachne, Atlas and Daedalus. I searched all over the internet for the 
information on Arachne and Daedalus and then my teacher recommended this site 
so I went to it. Even though I found the god Atlas at other sites...... yours  was the best!!!!

I searched your site and I found them and it was more information than I thought the creator of a website would put on it. It was extremely helpful and I got an A+ on the project! Thanks for making your site the best Greek mythology site there is!

JIM Brann, Texas

This website is absolutely wonderful. There are some terrific pictures. I am taking Greek Mythology in college and am having a hard time with it. But, this website is helping me to understand and comprehend what it is all about.

Thank you for taking so much time and energy into creating such a wonderful piece of art! Somebody in my mythology class told us about this, and I'm so grateful that she did.

Regards, Kris

Myth Man:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an informative web site. I found the information I was looking for in like five minutes and I spend 2 hours reading all those wonderful Greek stories. Thanks a Bunch.

**Myth Girl**

Dear Myth man,

Hello. One of my students came across your web page when he was researching for a god that he needed to write a paper about. He was so excited that he asked me to "Check out" your web page.

I wanted to let you know that you are doing a fabulous job with this site. The information is accurate, entertaining and amusing. I will be sure 
to continue using this site. (I had fun taking your quiz!) :")

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.

A grateful Literature teacher,

Dear Myth Man

I'm 24 years old, which isn't the age that your web site is set towards I know.........but I just had to tell you how glad I am that I found it. About a year ago I started to gain an interest in Greek Myths but knowing nothing about it was a big problem. See every adult book I picked up I found too complicated to understand, there were too many characters with strange names and I found myself in new depths of despair when I attempted to read Homers The Odyssey.

At a loss for information I logged on to the World Wide Web and it was there that I found you. Your website gave me the understanding that I needed and I finally read the Odyssey as well as many others, so thank you for helping me, everyone who had to write a 7th grade paper and others who just wanted the facts without the confusion.

Jen (England)
P.S. Athena's my favourite.

I am quite certain you get thankful messages all the time, but I thought one more wouldn't hurt. Thanks for offering my students a great web site!!!!!!

Katrina Anderson
6th grade teacher

Each week I recognize the students, teachers or parents
who used my Homework Help pages to get great results

(for privacy reasons, I never post a student's full name or e-mail address)


Dear Myth Man,

I am a 14 year old girl going to Spruce creek High school. I thought I was never going to finish my mythology project, until I came upon your website. Everything went smoothly from there. I owe you a thanks for getting me an A. I also would like to thank you for getting my friends an A. They all went to your website after I told them about it. Thanks again


Thank you very much for the thoughtful letter, Ayor. I am delighted that you utilized my site so wisely, and would like to congratulate you and your friends on your terrific grades. Bravo, you are all my Stars of the Week!

Master Myth Man!!!!

I am a second grader and attend TAG course, which helps me excel in my studies; however, your site did so much more. It is Totally awesome!!! Not only did I get the history of Greek Mythology but also I was able to print out some pictures of the Pottery and Alphabet, which helped me with my presentation.

Not only did I get an "A" on the assignment but I actually taught the Teacher.

Thanks a bunch.
San Antonio, TX

Wow, Clara, you have no idea how your letter pleases me! When I designed my site, this is exactly what I had in mind -- smart students wisely using my material to learn and get great grades! You should be very proud of your work, and for being named my Star of the Week! Bravo!


I am a high school student and I have been looking everywhere for answers that I needed for speech and debate class. I needed to find out how mythology effected America today and I thankfully stumbled upon your awesome website!

Not only did I get my answers but I loved reading all the fun facts and information you had on your site, I have always loved mythology and your site helped increase my curiosity for it. Thank you so much! Keep up this awesome site!


Thank you, Akareenie. I hope you won your debate! Even if you didn't, at least you won the Myth Man's Star of the Week!

Dear Myth Man, this is the best web site!!!

Hi! My names Nadine. I'm 13 years old. I go to Peakhurst High in Sydney. I'm in the 7th grade and at the moment in English we are learning about fables, myths and legends. Your site has helped me gain a better understanding of the subject and has helped me immensely in the assignment. 

I'd like to thank you and best wishes for the future. I'll be recommending the site to my teacher and all my friends.

From Nadine, your biggest fan.
P.S: would you by any chance, be thinking of writing a book about mythology? If you are I'll be 1st in line at the book shop!!!

Thanks for the nice note, Nadine, and for making such excellent use of my web site! There is no doubt that you are one of my Stars of the Week -- As for writing a mythology book, that's a great idea!

Myth Man,

Hi, I absolutely love your website and so do my friends. We are writing because we think that our Latin teacher, Mrs. Green, deserves a myth Star of the Week. She is just the best!!

She helps us in areas that we need help in, she takes extra time that she has and she devotes it to us. We really appreciate her. Latin is Very Fun, because of her!!!! We all love her greatly and we wanted to repay our thanks in a unique way. And this must be it.

Morgan, Liza, Anya, Jade

Mrs. Green sounds like a terrific teacher, ladies...I'm very pleased to name her one of my Stars of the Week. Bravo Mrs. Green, well done! Your students have given you an A+!

Hey Myth-man!

My name is Lacey T. I go to Greenacres Middle School in Bossier City. I really enjoy your site! My teacher, Ms. Morris, loves it too! She thinks you are so cute. She is a great teacher, and tells your myths so well! I don't believe there is anyone that could make them so enjoyable besides her!

Anyway, I would just like to thank you for being so helpful with my homework and projects! My class and I love you so very much! You're the best!

Lacey T.
{Ms. Morris' 7th grade class-Greenacres Middle School}

So many great teachers! I am delighted to name both you, and Ms. Morris, as my Stars of the Week, Lacey! Congrats!

Dear Mythman,

I found your site while researching for my seventh grade social studies Greek mythology notebook. It was AWESOME! I included lots of things from your site and gave the site credit too. I got an A plus on the notebook and it was also chosen to be put on display. My social studies teacher, Mrs. Jones loved the notebook and I loved the A plus!! Thanks for having such a cool site to help kids. You're da bomb !

Thanks again,
Kevin V.

Thanks, Kevin, and congrats on your perfect grade! I'm delighted to honor you as one of my Stars of the Week!

Dear Mythman,

Wow!! I really enjoyed using your site when I needed information on Hermes. In school, we had to do a monologue on a Greek god, and I did one on Hermes. Using 100% information from your site, I got a A+.

I loved exploring your sitel, and I had lots of information on other gods as well. I even helped some of my friends with their gods using your information!!! Your site is really kid-friendly, and my sister loves it too!!!

I have to thank you so much for all the wonderful information you gave me!!!

Nadir A., age 12

That's terrific, Nadir! Congratulations on being named one of my Stars of the Week!

Dear Myth man,

I can't thank you enough for your help with my Greek Allusion project. With your website I got a hundred on my project and so did everyone else that used your website. I will definitely tell anybody that needs to know about Greek Mythology to go to Because I got a hundred on that project, you website helped me raise my grade a whole letter grade. Thank you!!!

From a fan,
Brandon D
9th Grade Freshman

Excellent work, Brandon! I'm very pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week!

Myth Man,

I just discovered your Myth Pages today and think they are GREAT! Would that I could have had access to them way back when I was growing up!!!

I am now in my eighties, and reading various Mythology has always been one of my loves. Edith Hamilton's book I read and reread. I would have known SO much more had you been around in my youth! Wish every kid could find your Web Page!!

I think your approach is a real HOOT! 


Thanks, Jean. Even though you're my oldest Star of the Week, nonetheless I suspect you're my youngest at heart...

Myth Man,

I have searched all over the web for Allusions, and I found nothing, until my friend told me about your site. This site rocks!! We've had like 2 or 3 projects on Allusions so far in English, at first it was hard till I found this site.

It has made my life so much easier. I got A+ on all of them so far and now I have to do a book on the Muses, which I also found tons of info on. I know I'll make a good grade on that, cause of all the info I found on this site.


Josh C.

Thanks, Josh, and congrats on your perfect grade! I'm delighted to name you one of my Stars of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

One of my sixth grade students, Robert, has been totally captivated by Greek Mythology. He takes the initiative to do research on your site at home, and brings us interesting facts on each god and goddess we are studying.

I have not seen Robert this motivated since school began this year. He tells me he is dreaming about his own adventures with mythological creatures at night. Robert's enthusiasm about mythology has given him more confidence academically, and improved his attitude in every class.

The gods have truly blessed you with wisdom and understanding about adolescents. You seem to have the power to reach even the most reluctant students and allow them to see their own brilliance. It's great to see Robert shining!

Thank you,
Mrs. Laura G.

That is a true definition of a Star of the Week, Mrs. G. I'm honored to give credit to Robert and salute his dedication. Bravo, Robert! Well done!

Hey Mythman!

I did a project with one of my friends, Heidi, for English class on the Muses. I was desperate for they are only minor Greek gods so it was hard to find info on them. When I finally came along and found and used your site to create a delightful skit with pictures of magnificent paintings of the Muses and info on the myth pertaining to them!

Heidi and I (Erica) are very grateful for helping us earn an A on the project, our final exam!!

Keep up the Good Work!
Erica and Heidi

Thanks, ladies! Because you made such great use of my info, I'm very pleased to declare you my Stars of the Week!

Guess what, Myth Man!

I got my report on the goddess Iris back today and guess what I got on it? 100%! I am so happy. This site was great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is doing a report on Greek mythology.

Thanks again. Bye!

Nice work, Lauren! I'm very pleased to name you as one of my Stars of the Week, based on your terrific effort. Well done!

Dear Mythman,

I am doing a big project on Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. I really enjoyed using your site for information. It was so cool the way you presented everything and I especially liked the graphics. Most of the pictures for my project I got from your site and I found the info here than anywhere else.

I will be certain to put your site first on my bibliography because I loved your site! Thank you so much for making this awesome site! I'll be sure to tell my teachers to visit if we do a mythology project.

Thanks So Much,

Thanks, Paije! I'm glad that you used my Homework Help pages so wisely, and I'm pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week.

Dear Mythman,

My entire honors World Lit class has thoroughly loved your informative and entertaining websites. A fellow student of mine found the site, and since, we have used it for a series of papers and projects that our wonderful, but demanding teacher, Mrs. Smith, has given us.

The day prior to a nasty test on Edith Hamilton's classic, "Mythology" left me panicking, as I last read the book in July. Your site though helped me study efficiently, and the next day I came through with an A. Thank you so much. You sir, have created such a vast site, not even Daedalus himself could build something so grand. 

To Toms River East's World Lit class, your gift is the greatest, more so than even Prometheus. Thank you yet again.

Toms River East

Thank you very much, Jim, that's most kind of you. Seeing as mighty Prometheus gave the priceless gift of fire to humanity, I'm flattered by your classical allusion.

I'm delighted to name you, your classmates, and Mrs. Smith as my Stars of the Week. Congratulations!

Dear Myth Man,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ok, so, like, i am in 8th grade at West Jr. High, and, like, i had this assignment in history, and it was, like, major, MAJOR point value (we're talkin' 200-250 points, no joke!!!), because we get this type of project only, like, once a quarter. i knew what i wanted to do (write a myth) and i knew who i wanted to do it on (Artemis, goddess of the moon), but i had, like, no clue how to do it, because i had, like, almost no info about her.

So, like, i typed in, like, mythology or something, and i looked, and, like, i saw your site listed, and i was like, "sweet! this looks like a good place to go!" i was wrong. it was the PERFECT place to go! all i knew about the goddess was, like, she was a goddess (duh!), she was Greek (duh! again), and she was goddess of the moon! well, i clicked on your site, and, like, 5 minutes after recovering from shock, went to, "home work help," and recovered from another wave of shock. so i cruised around, found what i was looking for, and, like, got really good info!!! i turned in my assignment (a made-up myth and a drawing of Artemis), and i got 100% on both parts!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also got a TON of compliments from my 25-30 class mates!!! i can't thank you enough!

Britany "Angel" S.
Boise, ID

i am about to use your site for another school assignment, only this time it's in reading!!!

like, sorry about all the "like"s; whenever i, like, get exited, i use them alot!!!

That's, like, so COOL, Britany! :) Seriously, though, I'm thrilled that you utilized my site so well, and congratulate you on your perfect mark -- You're truly a Myth Man's Star of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

On Monday I received an A+ on my English test on Greek gods and goddesses. The previous week I went to your web site every day during study hall and studied every god and goddess I needed to know, which was a lot. It helped so much that when I received an A+, I told my teacher that I had used, and now my whole class is hooked on it! Thanks, Myth Man!


That's awesome, Kier! Congratulations on your perfect mark, and on being named one of my Stars of the Week.

Sup Dawg?!?!
Thanks soooooo much Mythman! You're a life saver! My teacher gave me this HUGE assignment on Greek mythology. She gave me Hades. I thought that there would be a lot of boring info on Hades but I changed my mind when I got to your website. I loved all the pictures and awesome info! The pictures really helped because we had to draw a picture based on a real painting. And I have to do another Greek Mythology project for Literature class and I got tons of info again!!

Luv Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaitlyn M
7th grade
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you very much for letting me know, Kaitlyn! I'm very pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week! Congrats!

Hey mythman --
I just wanted to say thanks for making a great website. I'm a sophomore in high school and needed info on the myth of Pandora's Box, and your site inspired me! You had all the information I needed and much more.

Thanks to your site, I was inspired to present my class the myth as a monologue/rap. The rap was a huge success!!!!! (being that I'm a whiter than white girl helped.) It was such a success, in fact, that I was asked to present it three more times for other classes (not to mention I got a big fat A and extra credit).

I just wanted to say thanks for this great site, because I owe you one. And I give my highest recommendations to anyone who needs help with Greek mythology. Thanks again!

Sincerely (and gratefully yours),
Jourdan A. L.

Outstanding effort, Jourdan! I understand (from your follow-up letter) that you scored a perfect mark on your presentation (150 out of 150!) I'm thrilled to name you one of my Stars of the Week!

Myth Man,

Thanks a lot for helping me with my schoolwork! I was doing many small reports on Greek Gods and myths in my Reading class, and I got great grades thanks to your wonderful site! And then, you won't believe, I had to compare the statue of Hermes by Praxiteles to the painting in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. I already knew everything about Hermes, so writing it down was easy! My third A+ for the chapter, all thanks to the Myth Man! !

"Candi" from Illinois

Nice job, Candi! I'm very pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week! Keep up the great work!

Hi Mythman,

On behalf of the children in my 6th grade, I want to thank you for publishing your version of the Perseus myth. Next week we start with a school project on Perseus, so the information is very useful.

So the story of Perseus will travel to Holland, where it will be told in a 6th grade in a primary school in Almere, Netherlands.

Thank you,
Arjan Meijer
6th grade teacher
Almere, Netherlands

How delightful to learn that my Dutch friends in Almere will be making such good use of my site, Mr. Meijer! Please convey my warmest regards to your students.

Yo Wassup Wassup,

Yo Im from da Bronx in New York yo. And u man ur da coolest *hit ever. i got 3 a+'s in a row and gota a++ on my report card.

U DA *hit!!!!!

Keep it Crackin DAWG!!!!!!

I'm thrilled to learn that I'm a "hit" with you, J...:) Congrats on your awesome grades, and keep up the great work! You're my Star of the Week, DAWG!

Hey Myth Man,

So I heard that you would help anyone with trouble with any kind of mythology. Well you have been helping my classmates and me with our Mythology Section in Reading class, and thank you very much for all the help. Because if I didn't know about your website I would not be able to learn so much about mythology -- I even got an A+ in this assignment.

Thank you so much for your website and information, I will keep on using your website always for info.

Kayleen A. T.
Greybull, Wyoming

Congratulations on your perfect grade, Kayleen! You are my Star of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

My grade 7 students are absolutely blown away by your wonderful web site. We are studying Ancient Greece as part of the grade 7 social studies curriculum and, of course, I have added a language arts unit on Mythology. We are having such a good time exploring the stories of Ancient Greece. I have your site book marked so my students are using it for their research. They love your graphics and your sense of humour. I am amazed at the amount of information you have compiled. This must be truly a labour of love for you. Thank you so much for creating this inspirational site to share your love of all things Greek with a new and yet unenlightened generation of seekers.

D. Harris
Sir James Douglas Elementary School
Vancouver, B.C.

You are too kind, Ms. Harris. I'm always happy to hear from my Canadian friends, and am honoured to name you and your grade 7 students my Stars of the Week!

Mythman you saved mine and other girls' lives with your website!!!!! Thanks to you we all passed with flying colors. I got an excellent grade. I owe you my life that report was worth a lot of our grade. Thanks!!!!!

Your humble servant forever,
Jennifer and the girls from YCDS!!!!!!!!!!
ps. Thank you again

Well done, Jennifer and gang! I'm thrilled that you all made such great use of my site and am delighted to name you my Stars of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

Thank you so much for the info on Hades!!! I Got my very first A on a writing assignment!

Andrea, age 11

I'm very proud of you, Andrea, your Hades report must have been terrific! Congratulations, your first "A" makes you one of my Stars of the Week!

I must warn you, however, that "A"s are that you've had your first, you'll want to have more. So next time, go for A+! :)

hey man,

my name is Clay and I live in Mississippi.....we are doing this whole section on mythology and when I first heard to look on your site I was like " Man, this is gonna be bad" because I didn't really like mythology that much but your site is very detailed and very very interesting and it has helped me get a perfect A in that class and I just thought I'd let ya know that your site is great!

you take care now,

You rock, Clay! I'm thrilled to name you my Star of the Week! Well done!

Hi Myth-man!

My name's Ross I'm in Hong Kong, I'm doing a project on Greek mythology. I thought I was doomed, that is until my friend brought in your site.

It's so good, every time I look on your site I just can't stop! I think that if there was an extra throne on Olympus, you'd be on it!

Your pal for life Ross

Well, I don't know about a throne, but I do appreciate your kind letter, Ross. I receive a lot of visitors from Hong Kong and am always delighted to hear from them. Good luck in school, and congrats on being named a Star of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

I am a ninth grade English teacher in Los Angeles, and I want to thank you for the fabulous mythology site you have created. My students are currently researching famous characters from Greek mythology to prepare a narrative essay of their life stories. 

Whenever a student was struggling with finding information on the Net, I directed him or her to your site, and they found everything they could possible need. And the best feature, aside from all of the wonderful pictures you offer, is that everything is at a reading level that it is possible for my students--all second language learners--to understand. You have made my job easier this week, and you have done a wonderful thing for teachers and students everywhere. Thank you, Myth Man!


Jennifer Bunnell

Thank you very much for the thoughtful note, Ms. Bunnell. I am delighted to name you and your class as my Stars of the Week!

Dear Mythman,

I'm a freshman high- schooler doing a huge report on Greek Mythology surrounding Hades and the Underworld. I have been searching the internet for the last two days and it wasn't until today I found your site and found all the information I would ever need to make a successful project. I have turned in my work, but I know I will get a good grade with all of this information, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Matt, from Wisconsin

You are very welcome, Matt. Good luck, I hope you get a great mark. I'm so sure you will that I'm naming you one of my Stars of the Week. Congrats!

Hey Mythman -

Your site is a great site. I remember reading The Odyssey my freshman year in high school and since then I have been interested in Greek mythology. I am going to college to become a history teacher and I hope I will be able to teach my students all about mythology.

Your site is just so interesting. I love it. I can get on your site and just read about mythology until my eyes fall out! And each time I get off your site and go do something I share a little something with people like: Hey do you know what kind of an arrow Eros shot to make someone fall in love. I love learning about this stuff and thank you so much for your site.

I am sure it was a godly task, and if there was a place on Olympus for awesome websites - you would be sitting in that chair.

Micaela 17, Illinois

Thank you very much, Micaela - Your love of knowledge and mythology will serve you well once you become a teacher. Your eloquent letter and appreciation of Greek myths make you a perfect Star of the Week. Bravo!

Dear MythMan,

Thank you so so so so much!!!! I absolutely Love You MythMan!!!
I got an A++++ on my assignment on Aphrodite! I love you and your absolutely wonderful website. It was an answer to my prayers being that my assignment was due in 2 days and I had been supposed to be working on it for a month and I hadn't really started on it.

Thank You and the gods and goddesses! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Matresa Fairy Dawn

Outstanding work, Matresa! Thank you for the sweet letter, and congrats on your terrific mark! You are a real Star of the Week!

Hey mythman!

You are a god! (no pun intended) :) I am a high school student and I needed to do a report on Atalanta. Every other site I looked at didn't have more than a couple of paragraphs -- when I needed to write 4 pages about her!

Then I found your site! you had everything -- thanks is not enough. I admire your dedication to this subject. You are really making a difference to people -- and it's not going unnoticed. There is a place on Mt. Olympus waiting for you! :)


You are far too kind, Eileen...Thank you for the thoughtful letter, and good luck on your report! There is no doubt that you're one of my Stars of the Week. (PS: Here's the Atalanta page)

Hey Myth Man!

I just wanted to thank you for your great site. A couple of classmates and I had a major project to do on Greek Mythology. I was looking around for info and came across your site. The five of us ended up using just your site because it had plenty of good info and pictures.

Our finished project was an awesome "Greek Mythology Trivia Game" (board game), with questions about the gods, heroes, beasts, and creatures. My teacher said it was the best project of all his classes, and because it was so good we got to play it with the entire class! And of course we got that A you promised. Thanks a lot Myth Man!!!

14 yrs old from Alaska

Great job, Laureen and friends! I'm thrilled to name all of you my Stars of the Week! Bravo!

Hey Mythman!

I just wanted to say that your site has made Greek Mythology soooo easy! I am reading The Adventures of Ulysses in school, and I now have all of the Gods straight. My teacher, Mrs. D'Alessandro, has made the book and Greek Mythology so much fun, and I would like to thank her!

This is the site that I will ALWAYS come to first if I ever have a Greek Mythology project due! :) THANK YOU MYTHMAN. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!

Anne C.

Thank you for the excellent note, Anne! I'm delighted to name both you, and Mrs. D'Alessandro, as my Stars of the Week! Well done!

Dear Myth Man,

I just wanted to write and thank you for all the help you gave me on Hecate. I wanted to wait to write you back now so I could tell you how I did. Well On my presentation, I got an A+, I had to dress up and had to talk about her for 2-3 min. Then I had a paper to write on her and to make a poster over her and I received a 95 on that. I was really satisfied. My teacher didn't know who she was and I thought she was really neat. She was interesting, too, just like you said!

By the way, your website is the best one I've ever been to. I got everything I need right there and I didn't have to do much else. It helped me out so much since I am a basketball player, and if you know much about that, I'm pretty dedicated to that. Well I better get going and thank you again. Talk to you soon.


Thank you for the splendid letter, Lesley, and congratulations on your terrific effort! Indeed I am thrilled to name you one of my Stars of the Week. Bravo!

Hey mythman!!!

I'm a student in high school and I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. You have really made our lives a lot easier by adding that homework help stuff. ( I have a research paper to do). I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated and that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

You rock!!!!!

A friend

Thank you, my friend. When people ask why I spent so much time helping students, I simply point to letters such as yours... 

Thanks Myth Man!

I searched everywhere until I found you! This site is so great, I told all of my fiends about it! They went there and then told me THEY even liked it!!! Guess what, they told more friends!!!!! I love this site!!! Anytime I need It, believe me I will come straight here!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I also got an A******* On my report on Daedalus & Icarus. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think I would be able to find anything on them, but I did, I found YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I gotta go!!!!!!!! See you soon

Excellent job, BG! I'm very happy to name you one of my Stars of the Week!

Thank you for this site. It helped me a lot. Although I didn't get an A+, I still got an A. Anyway, thanks for not having the most boring site on the web. I hardly even learned anything from the other sites.

Thanks again!
Colleen, age: 13
St. Paul, MN

Hey, there's NOTHING wrong with an A, Colleen! Congrats on your terrific mark, it's certainly good enough to make you one of my Stars of the Week!

To whom it may concern,

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your website helped me out a lot. I needed to do a history project on the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, and this website was my savior. I think that many students have to study about the Greeks at some time, and this is where they can go and find the information.

I really appreciate that you made this website and I'm sure that other students do too. Well that's basically all I have to say but once again, Thank you for making such an informational website about Ancient Greece and Mythology.

Very pleased (Vanessa from New Jersey)

Thank you for the very considerate letter, Vanessa. Your thoughtfulness makes you one of my Stars of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

Thank you so much for having this great website. I had to do a Greek Mythology project for English and I had no idea how I would get it done. I had 3 days to do it and I was too busy to go to the library. We had to find out at least 55 things of how Greek mythology had influenced today society. Example: Nike "Goddess of Victory"- Nike shoes.

I had no idea where to look. I started looking on 100's of sites and couldn't find anything. My friend recommended your site and sure enough you had hundreds of them. You helped me get the whole thing done. AND the one in our class that has the most get an automatic A on our mythology test. AND thanks to your web site I am sure I have the most. I can't say THANKS enough.


Thank you for the nice words, Seaira, you're one of my Stars of the Week for making such great use of my site. If anybody else is looking for examples of mythology in modern society, click here:

Hi mythman,

My name is Linda and I am a student in Pittsburgh Pa. I am majoring in interpreting for the deaf. Our teacher wanted us to do a classic story in sign language for at least fifteen minutes. Well, I'm 36 years old and believe it or not I never really read a classic novel.

One thing I did always love though was Greek mythology. And in my eyes that is about as classic as you can get, next to the Bible. So I went on line looking for a mythology link. I came across yours and haven't left it since!

I told the whole story of Poseidon in sign language. That was a really great feeling. Now, I can share that with some deaf children I know. Instead of them just reading it, they can actually see and feel the emotions behind it. Next I think I'll do Athena.

I just wanted to say thank you for that wonderful site. Sometimes it's nice to be appreciated for the hard work people do.

Linda, Pittsburgh PA.

Thank you for the inspirational letter, Linda. I am delighted that you are helping to share mythology with others, and I am thrilled to name you one of my Stars of the Week!


I'm a college student who's been avoiding picking a topic or even doing research for a comparison/contrast paper that looms on the horizon. After much deliberation, I finally decided on something that interests me: Greek vs. Egyptian mythology. The battle of the gods: Zeus vs. Amen-ra.

Known for my procrastination, and with just one week left, I dove into frantically surfing the net this morning. Lo and behold, what should I stumble upon but the mighty myth man himself! Your site was packed with wonderful information and helpful links. I am very impressed with your hard work and obvious love for teaching/helping students (junior high/high school/college students). 

You've done a wonderful job making the site informative, yet the eye-catching format and intriguing layout do not allow for one inkling of boredom to set in while surfing for much-needed research material. Well done, myth man.

Thalia, the Greek muse ever-reigning over merry poetry and comedy...:)

Thanks, Thalia, you are far too kind. I wish you well on your paper and am pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week.

Hey Myth Man,

I got a 100% on my myth papers! And I won a contest for doing a play on Arachne.... that I got from, of course Well anyways if I need any more help on myths I'm coming here!!!!!

thanx mythman!
your biggest fan!
thanx again for the A+:)

Way to go, Andrea! Your great work makes you one of my Stars of the Week!

Hey Mythman,

 I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this website! Out of all my friends I'm the only one who likes mythology (Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and so on...) I think this site is really cool because even if I already know many Greek stories I always find either a different version or a totally different story to read.

Some of my friends think it's cool that I'm into this kind of stuff some think it's very boring and pointless, and to those who say that I tell them to visit your site and they sometimes change their mind because you add certain little things that make the stories even more interesting. Well I could on and on and give all the other boring details about me and my friends but I'm certain you have other things to do!

From a big admirer of yours:

Thank you for the wonderful note, Marie-Michèle. I'm very glad that you think enough of your friends to introduce them to mythology. That makes you my Star of the Week! Well done!


I found your site while searching for mythological studies and was blown away by how much I was enjoying myself as I went through everything you provide on the site.

It's great to see that you focus so much on the kids also and the fact that they should enjoy studying the mythology. I know that if I found your page and compiled research from it while doing a project when I was younger I would have spent the rest of my life thereafter enjoying and experiencing mythology.

I guess I just wanted to say what a great thing it is you do on your site and that you should never give it up.

Kyle E. McKeown

Thank you for the very considerate letter, Kyle. Indeed mythology is fun and the lessons it teaches us do last us our entire lifetime. I am pleased to name you one of my Stars of the Week!

Myth Man,

Your web site has been great for me and my students. Not only does it provide a wealth of information about all the gods, the pictures are beautiful. Thank you for all the great info and you should be commended for your efforts.

Bill Percey -
High School Teacher for Special Education

Thank you for the nice note, Mr. Percey, and best wishes to your students - I'm delighted that you are all enjoying my site and am pleased to name all of you my Stars of the Week!

Mythman, I'm impressed.

My 9th grade Advanced English students just completed three weeks worth of work on research papers and presentations on mythology topics, and many of them used your site. They created web pages, used Power Point, made collages, showed video clips, and seemed to have a great time doing it. One of my students told us about your website, and it's great. I've even used it to supplement the materials I already use. Thanks for making mythology so much fun!!!!

Mrs. C. Nelson, Virginia

Thank you for the nice note, Mrs. Nelson. Please convey my regards to your students and tell them I'm thrilled that they made such terrific use of my site. You and your class are honored as my Stars of the Week!

Dear Mythman

Your site is great! I'm a 6th grade student and I had to do this REALLY big assignment on Greek mythology. It has 8 projects in one whole assignment and some of the information I needed was not in the books she had. I came to your website and found all the answers that I needed. I earned a 100% on all the papers and some information my teacher didn't even know! Thanks again for the wonderful site and all your help.

Corissa D.

Thanks for letting me know, Corissa! Your terrific mark and great use of my site makes you one of my Stars of the Week!

Dear Myth Man,

Thank for your such a great site! I impressed by how much your site had and the lots of information about the mythological world. Our class had the Myth and Legend project. There were lots of things we had to read about the myth stories. When I told my teacher about what I read, she was surprised by how much I knew about the myth characters and the stories of the Greek gods.

This was the most useful site I ever used! And I'm very happy that I've got the highest mark (98%) in our class. Thank you for this wonderful site, it helped me a lot.

Clara C. from Montreal
Grade 6

I'm thrilled that you made such great use of my site, Clara, and am delighted to name you one of my Stars of the Week. Thank you for the nice note, my Canadian friend.

Dear Myth Man,

Our sixth graders at the Hong Kong International School love your web pages! They are fun, yet informative. Also, I appreciate the fact that it is written for their level. Thanks.


Jeremy J. Seehafer
Hong Kong International School
Grade 6 Teacher

Thank you for the nice note, Mr. Seehafer. I'm delighted that my friends from Hong Kong are making such great use of my web. I've provided a link back to your school's excellent site, for anyone who wants to drop by your home.

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