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The Alpha and the Omega

The Greek alphabet has twenty-four letters. It originated in Ionia, and was adopted at Athens in 403 B.C. The letters from A to T are derived from Phoenician and have Semitic names. The rest were invented by the Greeks.

From the Greek alphabet are derived the alphabets of most European countries. The ancients used only the large letters, called majuscules (capitals as E, uncials as e); the small letters (minuscules), which were used as a literary hand in the ninth century, are cursive forms of the uncials.

Keep in mind that our word 'alphabet' comes to us from the first two letters in the Greek, Alpha and Beta.

The last letter in the Greek alphabet is Omega, and that's where we get the expression "The Alpha and the Omega", which means "The Beginning and the End", or All That Is.



Al-pha a father

bE-ta b beg

gA-mma g go

dE-lta d dig
E-psilon e met
zE-ta z daze
Ee-ta e immediate
thE-ta th thin
iO-ta i police
kA-pa c,k kin
LA-mbda, LA-bda l let
mu m met

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